Month: May 2020

The Grand Finale

I will never forget the first time I saw the Grand Canyon. We woke up and got walking around 4 in the morning that day, hoping to catch a sunrise. We walked along the deserted road that rides the rim of the canyon, under the cover of the surrounding trees and darkness. Slowly, the world […]

Misconceptions of a Northerner

When I came to Arizona in March, I had a few ideas of what I thought it would be like. Most of these ideas were influenced by spending my whole life in New England. For starters, I thought Arizona would be sunny all the time (wrong). I thought it would be dry (also wrong). I […]

Payson to Pine: A Saga of Rain and Hail

It was dark. The kind of inky black dark that feels suffocating. Maybe that was coming from my tarp though, as the wind pressed on its sides so heavily it caved onto my exposed face. Driving rain was being held off by my umbrella in the entrance to my trusty shelter. As I lie there, […]